Invitation Only


Cannexs Club is reserved for cultural innovators, artistic savants, civic warriors, enterprising entrepreneurs, business moguls, and those who shape and define the world around us.

Invitations are earned, not bought. 

Cultural Influencers

Move A Nation

Social Capital

You have a gravity that draws people in, a connection that excites those around you, and followers that hang on your message.

Business Innovators

Build A Nation

Executive Privilege

From the board room to the green room, you've built empires and technologies that have shaped the world around you.

Exclusive Experience

A new high life where the only currency is your reputation.

Dismiss the lines, get early access, and be treated like the VIP you are with Cannexs Club membership.

From our music festivals to destination retreats, Cannexs Club members are always treated to the best life has to offer.

Stay Connected For Future Events


Every experience is tailored and produced to be memorable.

From the lounge seating to the champagne glass your greeted with, Cannexs Club members are taken care of from entry to exit.

Curated experiences that electrify the senses and capture the essence of life give members access to a whole new level on life.

From dark dance floors in the industrial district to pool side cabanas in our weekend escapes, Cannexs Club members are provided endless opportunities to live and countless journeys to embark on.