Cannexs – The New Era Of Entertainment

You’ve embarked on a journey where your choices write the future of the live entertainment and events industry. Welcome to the cultural revolution.

We Are Cannexs

Life is a journey, and Cannexs brings the destinations into focus through engaging, innovative, and authentic live events that captivate the senses of people, fans, and followers of cultural icons and trendsetters.

From festivals, weekend retreats, and executive mixers, Cannexs offers unforgettable moments, crafted to perfection for people to enjoy.

Building The Future

Cannexs partners with artists, influencers, creators, and trendsetters to create an environment where talent, community, and culture can be authentically engaged, enjoyed, and shared.

We want to highlight those from the community and rewards the communities that support us.

For new and upcoming artists, entertainers, and performers we offer a structure marketing partnership that pay artists to promote Cannexs events and rewards those that have the most engaged followings with center stage opportunities.

Communities of fans and followers will be empowered to vote for their favorite artists and those with the most votes will be engaged for future events.

With Cannexs, the artists and the people are in control.

Cannexs Club

Cannexs Club is an exclusive VIP experience and membership for social influencers, trend setters, rule breakers, move makers, and those that define modern culture.

At every Cannexs event there is a designated VIP area for Cannexs Club members and their guest. This private area boast concierge services, artist engagements, and a plethora of other luxurious benefits.

Membership can only be earned, never bought.

Your only currency, is you reputation.

Think you Cannexs Club material?
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