Contests & Giveaways

Social Media Programs

To be eligible to win free tickets, prizes, or services through Cannexs social media you MUST be following Cannexs social media accounts and submit your contact information. 

Content Creation Contests

Any contest that requires the submission of content in order to be eligible to win gives Cannexs the rights and privilege’s of using the media submitted for marketing and promotional purposes.

Contact Information

Cannexs requires at the minimum an active email account to register for all contests and giveaways. Your information is never sold and is only shared with service providers systems that help operate our contests and giveaway programs.


Cannexs announces winners via social media and contacts the email provided when entering the contests or giveaways. Winners have 24 hours to respond with the relevant contact information in order to claim their prize. All winners are required to create a social media posts announcing their prize and tagging Cannexs social media accounts. 

Issues & Feedback

If you run into any issues or any questions please contact [email protected] or fill out our feedback form