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Referral Program

Cannexs brings lifestyle, music, and entertainment events to communities around the country. Partners earn cash, bounties, and benefits by promoting Cannexs events to their fans, followers, and consumers. 

  • 10% Commissions on Marketing/Brand Services
  • Commission on Ticket Sales
  • Rewards such as tickets, exhibitor booths, VIP, and more

Promotion Program

Partners are eligible to bulk purchase tickets and other services allowing enterprising retailers, artists, and entrepreneurs to monetize their network and help bring Cannexs events to the people.

  • Up to 35% discount on tickets
  • Co-Opt Marketing Budget
  • Custom ticketing portal on


Local, new, and upcoming artists chosen for the ATS program are able to compete in contests, promotional events, and other programs in order to earn there way to center stage at a Cannexs event.

  • Get paid to promote
  • Earn VIP access
  • Take center stage

College All Stars

Partners currently attending university are eligible for group discounts, hosting local events, competing in our collegiate contests, and other exclusive programs designed for the young and the restless.

  • Group Discounts
  • Earn destination vacations
  • Host local events



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Industry Connect

Get access to Cannexs events to create content, exclusive interview opportunities, and become a part of an epic story that brings together culture, entertainment, and technology.