Legendary brands are born from competition

WSOC Product Competition

The World Series of Cannabis is the most prestigious competition in cannabis. It’s an inclusive competition, with no entry fees for all brands; you simply represent your brand and participate in the judging.

There will be a winner’s event and ceremony in September 17th, 2022.

There’s only one WSOC and it’s happening across the country this September. It’s a competition for the most prestigious competition in cannabis, with no entry fees for all brands. Since we don’t charge entry fees, every competitor can be confident of a fair playing field for their products.

The World’s Most Prestigious Cannabis Competition – WSOC is the only competition that is completely free to enter, with no fees or registration costs. 

Our mission is to recognize, reward and celebrate the most innovative cannabis brands in the world. With no entry fees for all brands, we’re creating a public competition that ensures transparency throughout the process. The results will be authenticated through 3rd party verification, encouraging more brands to participate in order to get on the map.

We believe that good cannabis deserves to be recognized, regardless of the brand or experience. WSOC takes pride in being an inclusive competition with no entry costs, public judging, and a winner’s announcement ceremony. Join us this fall to find out who is most deserving of a place on our leaderboard.

This competition will be the most prestigious in cannabis, with no entry fees and public scoring. The winners will be announced on September 17, 2022.